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Bob Smiley:

Bob is one of the nation’s most in-demand and hilarious clean comedians.  He started his caffeine-induced tour many moons ago, before the internet, spreading laughter and gaiety to the masses.  Working with youth groups and sugar high kid herds, Bob developed a manic energy and machine gun approach to comedy.  He absolutely loves his job, no matter how many times his father challenges its legitimacy as a career choice.


Kenn Kington:

Kenn performs regularly across the country, and is one of the most popular Comics on XM radio. Kenn has written two bestselling books on relationships and records a regular radio show that inspires thousands.  Yet, Kenn is more than simply inspirational.  When you hear him, rest assured you will be entertained, encouraged, challenged and inspired.  Hearing Kenn is truly a unique experience and will leave you wanting even… MORE!!

Dustin Nickerson:

Dustin is the winner of the 2015 San Diego Clean comedy competition and finalist in San Diego’s Funniest Person Contest.  Dustin brings you into his life through his intelligent humor about marriage, kids, culture, childhood and just being called “Justin” his whole life.  Original, candid, poignant, observational, relatable, and engaging are words often used to describe Dustin’s brand of comedy.

Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors.
— Norman Cousins