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kristin weber

Kristin Weber:

Kristin is a comedian, speaker, and author based in Atlanta. Her comedy career began in Los Angeles, where she moved upon graduating college at 20 years old. She studied improv and sketch comedy at the famed Groundlings School and Acme Comedy Theater. She also began writing and performing stand up comedy and honed her act at world-renowned clubs such as The Improv, The Comedy Store, and The Laugh Factory, as well as at churches, coffee shops, and colleges all over the country. Kristin enjoys hiking, reading, and eating Chipotle.


clayburn cox laugh 4 hope

Clayburn Cox:

Clayburn Cox is a Southern deadpan comedian with an offbeat delivery and stage presence. He's appears in World Magazine, Laughs, and JUCE TV. As a public high school teacher deep in Alabama, Clayburn has learned the art of sassing people. In fact, he may be the first human to use the phrase: "Oh yeah?? Why don't you open up a can of stop-sassing-me!" When someone told him that Alabama ranked forty-ninth in education, he asked, "Who got forty-tenth?" He currently lives in Auburn, Alabama (War Eagle) with his amazing wife and two clever little girls and is writing this in the third person.

carlos oscar laugh 4 hope

Carlos Oscar:

Back by popular demand, Carlos Oscar, returns to Laugh4Hope!

He has performed on The Tonight Show, ABC’s The View, and numerous Comedy Central appearances. His fast paced delivery and facial gestures will have you all rolling with the punchlines. Oh, and yes, his mother-in-law's stories are true--don’t laugh. Carlos is in development for his own sitcom and hopes once it all comes together it will have a huge impact for all audiences.

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— Norman Cousins